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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - Mini Album | Autumn Baldwin

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - Mini Album | Autumn Baldwin

mini album project | materials software (Photoshop Elements 6) + patterned paper and digital ribbon (Jessica Sprague Home Away From Home Kit) + fonts (Century Gothic and You Are Loved) + brush (Anna Aspnes Painted Circle Splatz, + cardstock + chipboard + book rings + ribbon (unknown)

A Note From Autumn

Whenever my whole family gets together, our talk invariably turns to the vacations we took back when we were kids. My dad worked as a consultant, which meant he traveled all the time, and built up loads of frequent flier miles. As a result, my parents took the six of us girls all over the world on some pretty amazing summer vacations. Of course, you can’t travel the world with six kids without things going wrong, like the time my younger sister broke her arm right before we went to Hawaii (my fault), or the time the swimming pool got flooded with sewage (not my fault), or the time that same younger sister got thrown up on in a taxi in Cairo (sadly, once again my fault. Sorry, Mo). Anyway, part of why we love talking about these trips is reliving all the ridiculous things that happened along the way.

During one such conversation, I decided I needed to make an album that hit the highlights (and lowlights) of all the Pettit Family Vacations. My mom helped me sort through thousands of pictures (my dad took just as many photos in the pre-digital age as he does now) and I chose the very best ones from each destination. I scanned them in and brightened the colors a little in Photoshop Elements. Then, using just a handful of digital supplies, I created a digital template that I used for all my journaling pages. Each destination has at least three two-page spreads, detailing the good, the bad, and the ugly. For some destinations, like Hawaii (which we visited for about six years in row – I know, don’t hate me for it), I had more pictures to include, so I added two-page spreads that are nothing but picture collages.

When I got the pages all finished in PSE, I had them printed at Sam’s Club as 5x7s, then I created the book using chipboard, cardstock, and a little ribbon. My whole family has had a great time looking through this book and I love having all those memories, spanning a decade of vacations, in one spot.