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Uphill Both Ways | Aly Dosdall

Uphill Both Ways | Aly Dosdall

12 x 12 | materials patterned papers, tags, watch face, photo turns, brads (7Gypsies digital) + digital vintage frames (Katie Pertiet) + fonts (Liorah, Futura, Galeforce) + software (Adobe Photoshop CS2)

A Note From Aly

Over the last few years I’ve been making an audio recording of my dad telling his stories that we grew up hearing. I’ll have him add a few each time we get together (about once or twice a year). It’s a treasure to have his stories in his own voice and words.


My siblings and I loved to hear Dad’s stories. He had half a dozen or so that he loved to tell. Most were about how he learned how to work hard growing up on a farm, and we didn’t know the meaning of the word “work” since we didn’t. We heard about shoveling manure, waking up at early hours to feed the animals, harvesting beets, and of course, my favorite, walking to school in the snow with no boots uphill--and we’d always add, “...both ways!”

We also heard stories about Dad working on the Brickerhaven cabin with Grandpa and Uncle John. Dad learned a lot about construction while they built that cabin. His favorite story was about the tool trailer, and how if he’d been riding in it he’d be dead. Love those stories!