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Family Stories | Jody Dent-Pruks

Family Stories | Jody Dent-Pruks

8 x 8 spread | materials patterned paper (Luxe Designs) + rub-ons (American Crafts) + chipboard heart (Heidi Swapp) + edge punch (Fiskars) + fonts (SS Mono, Amelie)

A Note From Jody

Family stories and the telling of them is always a favourite past time when our family get together. In fact, I decided that I had so many stories that I did not want to forget that I chose to do my page in an 8” x 8” format so I could put the collected stories into an album called…”Family Stories” (OK, I’m not going to reinvent the wheel here people!).

When looking for photos to go with this story I decided that I needed to convert them to black and white as the quality of some wasn’t so good. This actually made it easier as I didn’t have to worry about clashing colours. I scanned the originals (I NEVER use original “heritage” photos in my scrapbooking) and resized them and printed them at home, keeping things easy.

I decided to run my title vertical to add interest and the final touch was to add a little embellishment on the left hand side of the layout to balance out the colour and weight of the two sides. I may even follow this same format for the rest of my entries if photos allow.


When Nikki and I were little, mum used to dress us alike…a lot! Mum liked to sew us little matching out fits, which I’m sure was all the rage in the sixties. When ever we sit around reminiscing, or flicking through old family albums we find photo after photo of our identical outfits. We tease mum and ask her what was she thinking but she stands firm; people were always commenting on how very cute we both looked. Now I just have to ask her what she was thinking with that haircut of mine! Jody 2009

Another Note From Jody

After I finished my layout I found my eldest son Oscar examining it. After giving it the once over he turned to me and says…”if you look back and realise that Nana dressed you dorky, why did you give me that silly bowl haircut when I was a little boy?” I replied that it was not silly, that he looked really cute and everybody told me so. He just shook his head and said, “Maybe I need to make my own layout!” Boys!