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Handstands & Cartwheels | Amy Sorensen

Handstands & Cartwheels | Amy Sorensen

12 x 12 | materials patterned paper (Pebbles, Inc and Echo Park) + foam alphabet stickers (American Crafts) + small and script alphabet stickers (October Afternoon) + flower stickers (Echo Park) + font (Ainsley)

A Note from Amy
It's been a long time since I made a layout with a good, wide photo mat. I should do this more often!

This spring, Kaleb and I have spent hours outside together...just practicing cartwheels and handstands. Not sure why, but it’s just been our thing. Whenever it was warm enough, and we had a few minutes, we’d just go outside. Usually in the front yard. And do handstands and cartwheels. And it was so fun. I confess that once I thought...I wonder if the neighbors think I’m weird. I mean, hello. A 41-year-old woman doing cartwheels and handstands? But then I decided I don’t care. Because listening to Kaleb’s laughter, and watching his face while he concentrated on my instructions (all of those years of gymnastics were not for nothing!), and then seeing his hand-stands get better and better—who cares if it looks weird to the neighbors? And also there’s the fact that doing handstands in the spring, with the flowers and the barely-warm air and that scent of things growing? Well. That would make anyone happy. This is one reason to have kids. They keep you young by reminding you to notice flowers, and to stand upside down once in awhile, and to sprawl down laughing on the grass and them to look up at the blue sky and just be happy you’re alive.

March Fun Fact
I planted a new batch of spring bulbs last October. I'm excited to see the daffodils bloom this March!