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Our Little Spring | Becca Dickson

Our Little Spring | Becca Dickson

12 x 12 | materials kit (February 2015 Storyteller-Quinn by Just Jaimee ) + fonts (Lavandaria Sturdy, Traveling Typewriter)

A Note from Becca
As soon as I think of the word Spring, I don't necessarily think of the season. I think of a bouncy spring, like in a trampoline, and am reminded of my always active four-year-old daughter. This photo was taken in the fall when we had Spring-like weather and my daughter begged to jump on the trampoline.

"Selah, you rolled over at only a few weeks old and you’ve been nonstop ever since. You are our flying little jumping bean. Always moving, always hopping and skipping and bouncing around, always going “crazy town” as we like to call it. It makes sense because you’re so bright and cheerful, you enjoy being at the park, you love wearing warm clothes all year round and seeing flowers, you really enjoy the season Spring ... and you’re also our bouncy little spring!"

March Fun Fact
I feel the need to wear green in some capacity all month long!