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Goodbye, Old Fave | Lain Ehmann

Goodbye, Old Fave | Lain Ehmann

8 1/2 x 11 | materials patterned Paper (Dude) + alpha stickers (Sassafras Lass, Scenic Route) + rub-ons (Autumn Leaves) + dimensional adhesive (under arrow)

A Note from Lain

Diet Coke has always been one of my favorite things. The problem is, I can't do anything in moderation! After giving it up completely for five years, I thought I could drink "just a little." But just like an alcoholic coming off a binge, a little is never enough. Soon I was experiencing the same problems that caused me to give up Diet Coke in the first place – sleepless nights, stomach pains, headaches, cravings. So for 2010, I'll have to say, "Goodbye, Old Fave!"