> 2016 February (Love is in the Air)

5 Things I Love</br><span style="font-size: 8pt;">by</span> Amy

5 Things I Love
by Amy

12 x 12 | materials patterned paper (American Crafts, Crate Paper, Pink Paisley, & misc scraps from my scrap bucket) + alphabet stickers (Basic Grey, Elle's Studio, Webster's Pages) + word stickers (Pink Paisley) + rub on (American Crafts)

A Note from Amy
I took this photo with my cell phone this fall...but I didn't want it to feel like an autumn layout. This color scheme felt like a good compromise.

1. You are ten. A few days ago, you said “Mom, I think that ten is my favorite version of me ever.” When I asked why, you said “I’m understanding school and I finally know how to do my hair & I’m also pretty cute.” I can’t pick a favorite version of you, but I love your ten-year-old self. You are confident and happy and smart and you don’t let anyone push you around.
2. Nearly every morning, you tell me what you dreamed the night before. I love listening to your dreams because they reveal a little bit of your psyche to me. (Psyche clues: you are imaginative and like action & adventure; you’re frustrated sometimes by your parents; you really want long hair.)
3. All the talk about crushes. Who Jace, Joe, and the other kids in your class have crushes on. Who you have a crush on (right now: Ava) and why. I guess having a crush is a very fifth-grade thing to do. I love that you’ll tell me this stuff!
4. You’re always listening to music. And talking to me about it. Your current favorite band is One Direction, and you don’t understand why boys aren’t supposed to like it. I love this because I love music, too, and because I am proud of you for liking what you like. Let the haters hate, dude!
5. Reading together in the evenings. We don’t always get to do this, but at least twice a week I sit with you while you’re reading, and so we read together. We always have covers. I always rub your feet while we read. Sometimes we share just a little bit of our books. I love this time together—because, you know: reading. Together. it’s quite possibly my very favorite time of the day!

February Fun Fact
This month my husband and I will celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary. I'm not sure how all that time has already passed!