> 2016 February (Love is in the Air)

This Makes My Heart Happy</br><span style="font-size: 8pt;">by</span> Aliza

This Makes My Heart Happy
by Aliza

12 x 12 | materials cardstock (Bazzill Basics Paper, American Crafts) + patterned paper (Crate Paper) + chipboard (Ali Edwards) + tabs (Fancy Pants Designs) + journal cards (Ali Edwards) + fonts (Ali Edwards, FrenteH1)

A Note from Aliza
This layout took an absurdly long time to be completed. I knew what I wanted to say, which products I wanted to use, and yet it took forever. Some days are like that. Even in Australia.

When I agreed to get a dog, I insisted that I could not be part of the dog-walking rotation. I simply could not take on another responsibility, and I did NOT want to pick up poop. But within minutes of meeting Chipper, my heart was no longer my own. It belonged to him. And within 24 hours, I asked if I could, pretty please, walk him. And, Of COURSE, I’d walk him every day when I got home from work. Five months later, walking Chipper to the dog park is the highlight of my day. I wake up early on weekends to take him there. It fills my heart with joy to see him running, jumping, growling, nipping, and frolicking his heart out in a pile of dogs. Coming home with a floppy, exhausted dog, who just wants to lay down and snuggle the rest of the day, isn’t half bad either. January, 2016

February Fun Fact
In other dog park related news, I’ve been working on finding all the right items for staying warm while standing outside for an hour. My latest acquisition is Smartwool socks.