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Grateful For | Lisa Ottosson

Grateful For | Lisa Ottosson

11 x 8.5 | materials patterned paper (Vintage Map book) + letter stickers (Panduro Hobby)

A Note from Lisa
I wanted to create a page where I talked about my ever gratefulness for the ability to be a part of the world today. Through the internet I can travel and catch up with friends all over the world. I can also get information and news easily so that I can be up to date of the state of the world. For that I am grateful. I used an old world map from a vintage atlas as my background paper. The photo is one that I transformed into a Polaroid through a digital tool called Poladroid.

April Fun Fact
2012 marks 15 years of friendship between me and my friend Jeremy, that lives in the US, that I first met through the internet and have since then met several times!