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Friendship Tree | Amy Sorensen

Friendship Tree | Amy Sorensen

12 x 12 | materials patterned paper (Little Yellow Bicycle) + alphabet stamps (Studio Calico) + stamping ink (Close to my Heart) + alphabet, journaling spot stickers (Authentique) + big and little scallop border punches (Fiskars) + leaf die cuts (Silhouette) + yellow floss + font (Remington Noiseless)

A Note from Amy
I wanted to spell the "grateful for your friend Alyssa" part of the journaling with the same yellow alphabet stickers I used for the title, but I was short a few letters. So when I cut the leaves out with my Silhouette, I also had it cut those words in a font that was similar enough to the letter stickers to match.

One of my clearest memories of the day I brought you home is of us driving down our street and thinking: who will this baby play with once he’s older? When the Bigs were little there were always a thousand kids around to play with. But you were the only baby on our street for a long, long time. It worried me because friends are so important!
One day, when you were nearly two, I was outside with you, and Doug came outside with his daughters, and you and Alyssa started scooting your trikes around together. You’ve been fast friends ever since. Despite her being almost 18 months older than you, and a girl, you two get along well. She’s just bossy enough to keep you right in line, and you’re just bossy enough to not let her boss you around too much. It is a good, sweet friendship.
On this afternoon (one of those gorgeous lingering fall days that make you think autumn will last forever) you rushed outside after school to play, and soon Alyssa came over. Nathan and Jake had been raking leaves, but you two friends made short work of the piles, tossing golden leaves from our maple tree. The other cute thing about your friendship is that you both are good workers, so once you’d destroyed the piles, you got the rakes and piled the whole golden mess back together—then repeated that process until it got too dark and chilly to keep on tossing leaves. Yep, it’s official. We are grateful for your friend Alyssa.