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First Snowball | Marnie Flores

First Snowball | Marnie Flores

11 x 8 | materials patterned paper & cardstock (Crystal Wilkerson, Me & My {Baby} Brother) + border & stitching elements (Crystal Wilkerson, Sweet Vintage Elements) + fonts (CK Chloe & Doodle Basic)

A Note from Marnie
Again, using some creative counting, I made it to five. I figured in the real world, stitching would just be one thing, so I used two digital stitching elements as one item. So stitches + 2 fonts + 1 scallop border + 1 patterned paper = 5!

(Winter layout to help our Aussie friends know their winter is almost over...)

September Fun Fact
Remember when you were little and you put your summer feet into shoes with laces for the first time in months on the first day of school and how tight and constricted they felt?? One of my favorite autumn memories.