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Beach Treasure Hunter | Ann Costen

Beach Treasure Hunter | Ann Costen

12 x 12 | materials software (Adobe Photoshop CS2) + Vanity Aubergine paper pack (Jen Allyson, + Crystal’s September 2009 Paper collection (Crystal Wilkerson, + The Room Collection, Elements Pack (Crystal Wilkerson,, Imagination alphabet (Dani Mogstad,,font (Travelling Typewriter, off the internet), font (Amelie, off the internet)

A Note from Ann
I started with photos that I edited to Black and White so that they would go with any papers I chose. I then picked three papers, one embellishment (in a neutral colour so it would go with any papers), and one alphabet (also in a neutral colour) before I even started my layout. Forcing myself to use these products, I was able to complete this layout in about 30 mins. It’s a simple formula that works, which means I’ll probably use it over and over again!