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30 Things I Love About Becky | Angie Lucas

30 Things I Love About Becky | Angie Lucas

8.5 x 11 | materials patterned paper, die-cut paper, stickers, button (Jenni Bowlin) + SlickWriter pen (American Crafts) + floss (Bazzill) + font (Tahoma)

A Note From Angie

I’ve long had a goal to create a “30 Things I Love About…” layout for each of my brothers, sisters, and siblings-in-law. The idea started when my sister-in-law Suzanne turned 30. I created a layout listing 30 things I loved about her (which sounds daunting at first, but it was really quite easy). I gave her a copy of the layout, and then I created a duplicate of the layout for me to keep. Since then, I’ve finished layouts for my sister-in-law Becky and my brother-in-law Mike right around the time they turned 30. But lately I’ve decided not to wait for people to turn 30 to create their layouts, otherwise this project will stretch on for 7 more years! (My youngest sister is 23.) I do have ongoing lists for everyone in my planner, and as ideas and attributes come to mind, I jot them down. Here you see one version of my Becky layout. For the other version, and to see the layouts I made for Mike and Suzanne, visit my blog:

I create these layouts in 8.5 x 11 because many of the recipients are non-scrapbookers, and it will be easier for them to store a letter-size page than a 12 x 12.

30 Things I Love About Becky
She’s gracious when we call her at all hours to ask about wounds and fevers. • She’s book-smart (like me) and graduated from BYU in nursing. • She studied abroad in Guatemala and has great stories to tell. • She listens so intently she can almost finish your sentences with you. • She is bearing terrible trials with courage and faith. • She has a perfectly coordinated Christmas tree. • She has a great perspective on the gospel; it’s affirming to discuss gospel topics with her. • Her feet are so tiny and adorable that she has to wear children’s shoes. • She puts up with our family’s relentless teasing about her height (or lack thereof). • She has a kind and compassionate heart. • She has been a calming influence on my brother Jon. • Her gentle temperament reminds me of my mom’s. • She rarely complains and always looks for the silver lining. • Before she lost her hair, she tried a funky, short hairdo to make the best of the situation. • She values home and family above all else, and it shows. • She’s quick with compliments and kind words. • She has a t-shirt that says, “Of course they’re fake. My real ones tried to kill me.” • She LOVED my Ruby. • She’s self-deprecating and humble. • She doesn’t know how beautiful she is. • She had the strength and fortitude to be a hospice nurse. • She’s related to half of Riverton. • Once, when she was mad at her parents as a kid, she wrote a swear word on the back of the house in mascara. • On her first date with Jon, she tripped on her own front porch and did a faceplant. • She’s a patient and loving mother. • Anyone who can produce and raise a character like Jensyn must be pretty special. • After she lost her hair, she got one blond wig and one sassy red one—just to try a new look. • She lets us call her “Ducky,” as Thomas did when he was 2. • She makes delicious baked beans but doesn’t eat them. • She faithfully sent thank-you notes, even when she was terribly sick.