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You Make Me Laugh | Marnie Flores

You Make Me Laugh  | Marnie Flores

8.5 x 8.5 | materials patterned paper (Joyce Paul, Family Ties) + polaroid frame (TaylorMade) + word stamp (TaylorMade, Awakening) + hearts (Paislee Press) + staple (Libby Weifenbach) + font (doodle basic)

A Note From Marnie

I read awhile back, on a layout from Cheryl, that she and her husband were trying to take more pictures of the two of them. I thought it was a tremendous idea (as most Cheryl-ideas are!). So now I try to hand the camera to Nigel and let him get some of Richard and me. They aren't always perfectly composed, but they are perfectly real. And well, we aren't usually perfectly composed anyways, so it is just right!