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Roly Polies| Amy Sorensen

Roly Polies| Amy Sorensen

12 x 12 | materials patterned paper (Imaginisce, Studio Calico) + alphabet stamps (Studio Calico) + washi tape (Darice) + label stickers (Jillibean Soup) + font (Quaver)

A Note from Amy
Grouping three 4x6 photos across the width of a layout is one of my go-to design approaches. I always put the journaling right along the bottom of the photos and the title somewhere along the top. I like this because it gives quite a bit of space to include some long horizontal embellishments. I mix up the approach in several different ways: one long 12x4 photo instead of the 3 4x6s, or three 4x8 photos, or two 3x5s with one 4x6 that automatically turns into the focal-point. It's a flexible design that's also sturdy, and it comes up in my albums quite often.

One of the best parts about helping mom work in the flower beds? Definitely the roly polies! Kaleb just discovered them this summer, and they delight him. He’ll dig in the dirt to find them, or collect them from mom when she finds them. He gathers them up in a cup or a bowl, collecting them while weeds and rose-clippings pile up on the grass around him. He talks to them and names them and lets them crawl on his finger (mom, meanwhile, tries not to get the creeps!) and, of course, watches them curl into their tight little balls. Then when we’re done in the garden, he lets them all loose, back into the soil.

August Fun Fact
This month we're going white-water rafting on the Snake River!