> Shapes (April 2013)

Make A Wish | Erin Sweeney
Oh Sure, I Know | Aliza Deutsch
Sunny Days | Katie Ehmann
The Beginning | Lisa Ottosson
That Was Fun | Celeste Smith
Trouble | Valerie O'Neall
Happy Dog | Deb Duty
All Star Slugger | Diane Payne
Everyone’s Favorite Meals | Jennifer Larson
You Are Here | Christine Newman
You Do | Paula Gilarde
Spell | Francine Clouden
Christmas in the Country | Jennie McGarvey
New Family | Lisa Ottosson
Our Baby Girl I Christa Paustenbaugh
Party Favors | Marnie Flores
Remember This | Amy Coose
Otterly Adorable | Celeste Smith
Cake | Kelly Jeppson
Ballet Belle | Marnie Flores
Fragile Stems | Amy Sorensen