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Weekly Celebration | Keshet Starr

Weekly Celebration | Keshet Starr

12 x 12 | materials patterned paper Studio Calico (yellow dot))

One of the challenges of Shabbos, a weekly holiday, is making it feel special. Baking my own challah brings something special to each week.

A Note from Keshet
Since I don’t celebrate Christmas, my first thought regarding “holiday food” turned to the challah I prepare for each week’s Sabbath celebration (well, I make it once every six weeks and freeze it, but same difference, right?). Since the Sabbath comes every week, I work hard to make it feel special each time. Baking my own challah adds to the warmth and hominess of our celebration, and since I pray as I assemble and knead the dough, it adds more spirituality to my week, as well.