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Pudding | Jody DentPruks

Pudding | Jody DentPruks

11 x 8.5 | materials cardstock (Bazzill) + patterned paper (Basic Grey) + Jovial Rub On (Kaiser, Dash Away All) + ink (Versa Craft) + fonts (Amelie (title) & Ariel (journaling)) + punch (Fiskars)

Christmas lunch is always a feast of turkey, pork, a leg of ham, roasted vegetables, gravy, stuffing balls, prawns and salad. After all that, it’s time for the pudding with ice cream and custard. Although we are full, we can always find room for the grand finale. Barb’s pudding – Dec 2009.

A Note From Jody
Pudding is a traditionally English dessert and it has always been served at our Christmas table. I might make other layouts about the other things we eat at Christmas, but for this layout I wanted to make the pudding the star.

December Fun Fact
When I was a little girl we went to the police Christmas picnic (my dad was a policeman) and after lunch Santa arrived and there was great excitement. When my name was called I went up to Santa and was so excited to receive a tea set. My mother assures me I remembered my manners and thanked him very much and that I had been very taken with Santa. There is even a photo of the moment, in scratchy black & white! It was not till I was very much a grownup looking at that photo that my mum told me that the “Santa” was actually my dad. I had no idea; such is the magic of Christmas!