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Relish | Emily Pitts

Relish | Emily Pitts

8.5 x 11 digital | materials cardstock (Creativity by Crystal December 2009 Solid paper pack + papers (Creativity by Crystal December 2009 Be Merry paper pack + Label (Creativity by Crystal July 2009 Funky Labels + Alphabets (Creativity by Crystal December 2009 Holiday Alphabet stickers + stitches (Spools of Stitches by Tia Bennett for + font (Typewriter free from creative commons photographs (oranges; cranberries; apples

A Note from Emily
Ah, food. How I love to eat it! How I forget to take pictures of it before I eat it! But that isn’t a problem when you can find pictures under the Creative Commons license. All I had to do for this layout was google the phrase, “oranges creative commons” and a number of lovely images showed up of oranges. I did the same with the other two photos. If a photographer has listed their photo under the Creative Commons license, it’s available, free of charge, to anyone who would like to use it. When possible, I’ll shoot the
owner an email thanking them for use of their image and sharing a link of my work using the image with them. So when you need an image to scrap, but don’t have just the right one, check out what’s available under the Creative Commons license.

This recipe for fresh cranberry relish is one my mom found in a newspaper a long time ago. It’s been a staple at our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, making it’s way into
my own little family. I used to be the only one to eat it, but now my daughter and her friend have fallen in love with it as well, so I make it all winter long, sending extra in Annie’s lunch for Sadie. It calls for 1 cup of sugar, but I halved it once on speculation and was very pleased that it doesn’t need the whole cup. Yum. You can bet before this page goes up in the WCS gallery, I will have already gone through a batch or two of it!

December Fun Fact
I don’t take nearly enough photos in the winter months. I want to change that this year.