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Christmas Cards 2010 | Aly Dosdall

Christmas Cards 2010 | Aly Dosdall

12 x 12 | materials chipboard frame (Maya Road) + sticker sentiment (SRM Press) + acrylic paint (Delta) + circle punch (Marvy Uchida) + machine stitching.

A Note from Aly
Whenever we get cards from loved ones during the holiday season we masking tape them to our pantry door where everyone can see them. They’re a unique part of our holiday décor, and it’s so fun to look at the photos and remember our friends and family that we don’t see very often.
When it’s time to put away Christmas I hate to just throw them out, but I hate clutter even more.
To cut down on unnecessary storage items, I punch out signatures and fun images from each card and create a layout like this to document them. This requires much less storage space than a box full of cards, or a whole album of them. And I still get to enjoy looking at them.

December Fun Fact
My twin boys are turning 14 this month! Yikes! How did they get to be so big??