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Holiday Book | Kelly Jeppson

Holiday Book | Kelly Jeppson

12 x 12 | materials chipboard bound 5x7 book + various papers and photos

A Note From Kelly
Every year during December, we put out the various mini albums we've created over the years that contain Christmas memories or Christmas photos. This is an album that has photos from almost every year since 2000, when my hubby and I had just moved into our first home. Last year (2010) we came to the last page! In it we keep photos from the holiday, quotes about Christmas, and the traditional Christmas with Santa photo. A few years ago I started creating a page with bits punched from all the Christmas cards we received (I think this was an Ali Edwards blog idea). My family loves looking back at how much we've changed over the years!

December Fun Fact
Although my husband talked me into getting a pretty fake tree a couple of years ago, I still miss having a real one!