> Holiday Homes (December 2011)

Christmas Canvas | Lisa Kisch
Christmas Cards 2010 | Aly Dosdall
All In the Details | Christa Paustenbaugh
Signs of the Season | Aly Dosdall
Ninja Love | Celeste Smith
Christmas Wishes | Aly Dosdall
Joy Banner | Aly Dosdall
Happy Holiday Home | Lisa Ottosson
New Holiday Friend | Christa Paustenbaugh
Holiday Book | Kelly Jeppson
Holiday Book | Kelly Jeppson
Holiday Book | Kelly Jeppson
Purim | Keshet Starr
Jolly | Paula Gilarde
Upcycled Christmas Snowman Christmas Ornament  | Cheryl Overton
Upcycled Winter Plate | Cheryl Overton
My Christmas Kitchen | Marnie Flores
Big Plans | Francine Clouden
The Magic Book | Lisa Ottosson
Sparkle Lights | Lisa Ottosson
Christmas Garland | Marie Taylor
First Christmas | Marie Taylor
Advent Calendar | Monika Wright
Santa Shelf | Emily Pitts
Holiday Home | Donna Jannuzzi
Beautiful Things Memory Bears | Amy Sorensen
The Day We Made Christmas | Amy Sorensen
Christmas Tags | Alexandra Sirugue-McLeod