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The Day We Made Christmas | Amy Sorensen

The Day We Made Christmas | Amy Sorensen

12 x 12 | materials alphabet stickers (Lilly Bee, Bella Blvd, Studio Calico, Authentique, Basic Grey, Jenni Bolin, October Afternoon, American Crafts) + Christmas words embellishments (Authentic) + patterned paper (Authentic) + black pen (American Crafts) + font (Perpetua)

A Note from Amy
Turns out the “holiday home” I scrapped about was my mom’s instead of my own, but since I’ve done plenty of other layouts about our holiday decorations, this felt like a different way to take the topic. I only had my camera phone with me on this Sunday afternoon, so I let myself go a little bit crazy with the alphabet stickers since I had plenty of room for some embellished journaling.

Sometimes I think that in the anticipation of The Big Day, we miss out savoring on the rest of December. Which is a shame, really, because while December 25 is a good day, the other 24 usually hold lots of good moments, too. This Sunday was just one of those sweet moments.
After church, you put your PJs back on, then you, me, Dad, and Jake drove out to Springville. While Dad and Jake put up the lights on both grandmas' houses, you and I helped Grandma Sue put up her tree.
I couldn't help remembering all the times I'd decorated a tree in that same front room. Two trees, actually, when I was little, the pretty tree, which was in the upstairs front window, and the kids' tree, which was downstairs in front of the fireplace. The pretty tree had silver, pale blue, and white hand-beaded ornaments, but the kids tree had cute wood ornaments and tinsel made with red, green, and gold links. The upstairs tree was flocked (sometimes by Grandma Sue herself!) and the basement tree was green, but until I was 13 (when we bought our first artificial tree) they were both always fresh.
Grandma Sue's tree now is different from those in my childhood memories, but it still reflects her tastes—pink glass balls that Aunt Becky and I decorated with dried flowers two decades ago; giant, raspberry-colored poinsettias, and a few of the shimmering and delicate glass bells that used to hang on the pretty tree (all that is left after so many years).
I love that I was swallowed up by those old memories. And I love that you & I were there together that Sunday, making new ones. You wanted to make sure the tree was perfect! I hope you remember this moment of your childhood, the Sunday you helped your Grandma Sue decorate her tree. It was a good December day.