> Hungry? (November 2015)

Summer Meals</br><span style="font-size: 8pt;">by</span> Amy Sorensen

Summer Meals
by Amy Sorensen

12 x 12 | materials patterned paper (Echo Park) + big alphabet stickers (Simple Stories) + little alphabet stickers (American Crafts) + embellishment stickers (Echo Park) + date tags (Elle's Studio) + Ashbury Light font

A Note from Amy
I know this is probably strange, but I always have to remind myself to scrapbook the photos I take on my phone. There are so many good images that tell a certain type of story—everyday kinds of memories, little moments, unusual places—on my phone, but forget to use them! So this layout was a conscious effort to look through my phone for stories. I might never have documented these sweet (yet common) moments otherwise.

One day in June, you said “Mom! I really want a big, hot breakfast. Not just eggs, but hash browns and bacon too. And hot chocolate!” At first I was like, ehhh, that’s a fall thing, it’s too hot to cook so much. But then I thought, there’s no rule that we can’t have hot chocolate in the summer. So I made a big, hot breakfast for us (the boys were still asleep!) and we ate outside on the patio. And thus we started one of this summer’s unique things. And one of my favorites. We had a big, hot breakfast, usually with hot chocolate (but not always with bacon), five or six times, and we always ate outside. We would talk and laugh and tell stories and look at the clouds. Then we’d jump on the tramp together. It was a sweet time I’ll always remember, every time I drink a cup of hot chocolate.

In our family, “summer” is fairly synonymous with “hamburgers.” Grilled burgers have been a favorite meal of yours for most of your life. You like yours with one slice of cheese on a naked bun—you still won’t try lettuce or tomatoes, but you did try, and actually like, watermelon this summer. This Saturday, you & I sat outside on the grass to eat (the boys thought it was too hot to join us). Somehow we started talking about your future wife. It was lighthearted conversation but it also felt important, since that’s the most life-changing choice you’ll make. We talked about how it’s not only what a person looks like, but how they act and what they do. You decided you want to marry “someone who’s nice, smart, and pretty. And can cook! Just like my mom.” Awwwww!

November Fun Fact
This November marks my grandparents' 80th wedding anniversary.I wish they were still here!