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Hello Lovely | Amy Kingsford

Hello Lovely | Amy Kingsford

8.5 x 11 | materials cardstock (Digital Design Essentials) + patterned paper (Digital Design Essentials) + buttons (Digital Design Essentials) + brads (Digital Design Essentials) + labels (Digital Design Essentials) + stickers (Digital Design Essentials) + wood veneer (Digital Design Essentials) + washi tape (Amy Kingsford, Digital Design Essentials) + fonts (Century Gothic)

A Note from Amy
I made this layout using the write. click. scrapbook. sketch from November 2013. This sketch was based off of a beautiful page made by the lovely Diane Payne and tackles two design features that are a little out of my comfort zone--a grid design and the use of circles. I'm not sure why, but for the longest time I've struggled with using grids and circles in my own pages, but I love the clean, yet energetic look they bring to this page. The grid design allowed me to use plenty of bold colors and patterns on my page, while the use of multiple circles help to soften the edges a bit.

Hello Lovely. Every time I see you, you seem to shine just a little bit brighter--with a radiance and clarity that is well beyond your years.

June Fun Fact
June is a busy month here in our house, filled with adventures in remodeling, potty training, swimming lessons and travels. This doesn't leave a whole lot of time for scrapbooking but it will provide plenty of fodder for future pages I'm sure!