> January 2016

My Heart is Full of Like</br><span style="font-size: 8pt;">by</span> Aliza

My Heart is Full of Like
by Aliza

A Note from Aliza
Black and white and grey are my favorite colors. My photos almost always end up in the middle third of my pages, and my titles always rest on some element of the page. No whimsical titles for me! Add some small doses of patterned paper and embellishments, and that sums up all of my layouts. Those are my trends, and even if I wanted to, I am not sure that I could change them.

Oh, these two. When they were little, the sight of their soft little faces, and the sound of their sweet little voices made my heart swell with love. Sometimes the feeling was so intense, it hurt. And all I wanted to do was kiss them, and squeeze them, and drink them in. Now, they are long and lanky. And hairy (or getting there). Obviously, I still love them. But as the days of long snuggles and super tight hugs have passed, the overpowering feeling is often not about how much I love them, but rather how much I LIKE them. Their hobbies, their friends, how they talk about their days at school. how they do their hair, and choose their clothes. Most of all, I like their sense of humor, inappropriate though it may be. Sometimes, I like them so much, I can’t even take it. It’s funny that I felt that when I took this picture, because they were flopping from exhaustion from doing nothing to help prepare for Thanksgiving dinner.

January Fun Fact
For the holidays, I received several gift cards to Amazon. I used them all on cleaning tools. Yes, I am that exciting of a person. (But really, you should see how my new broom and lint brush collect dog hair!)