> For the Love of Color (July 2009)

Capitol Gorge Trail | Angie Lucas

Capitol Gorge Trail | Angie Lucas

8.5 x 11 spread | materials patterned paper (Scenic Route) + stickers (SandyLion) + letter stickers (Sweetwater) + eyelets (Provo Craft) + Crop-a-dile

A Note From Angie

I rarely have two sheets of cardstock that are the exact same color, so when I’m creating a two-page spread, I’ll often choose two different shades of the same color and create a two-tone backdrop. Here, I chose vibrant teal cardstock in order to set off the red-orange rock formations in my photos. When you have six pictures that are all dominated by the same color, you can really make them shine by surrounding them with a complementary color (blue is opposite orange on the color wheel). Notice how I used splashes of the opposite page’s background color on each side of my page, not to mention a couple of orange and maroon accents, to tie the overall look together and add a bit of fun to my simple, bare layout.


On one of our twice-annual trips to Southern Utah, we spent a few cold February days in Capitol Reef National Park. The scenery was just stunning. Travis got these photos of us walking the narrow canyon floor, gazing up in awe at the pioneer names inscribed on the red rock walls...some as long ago as 1871. I love the expressions on our faces and the fact that our first reactions were caught on film. We then took a short but steep side hike to the 'water tanks'—shallow pools that collected water for parched pioneers and supposedly outlaws too. Cool place.