> For the Love of Color (July 2009)

Color | Linda Barber

Color | Linda Barber

8.5 x 11 | materials cardstock + hole punch (Staples) + binder punch (Stampin' Up!)

A Note from Linda

That would be the floor of my middlest’s bedroom. On a good day. And next to the layout is The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine that he built. Just for me.


I’m a black/grey/white clothing kind of gal. At home, I like white sofas, white towels, white plates (don’t want the food color to clash with the plate color), white sheets, white quilts. Heck, I even drive a white jeep.

That is not to say I don’t like colors. I do love them. Just not in large amounts. And definitely, not too many at the same time.

However, I can always count on my kids to deliver large doses of color around the house. Mostly in the form of plastic toys, crazy accessories, and very creative artwork. And let’s not forget the clothes they pick out themselves, when we go shopping.

The kids do throw a wrench into my decorating/living color scheme. But I have to confess that life is happier and a lot of brighter with them around.