> For the Love of Color (July 2009)

Funny Little Girl | Rachel Gainer

Funny Little Girl | Rachel Gainer

11 x 8.5 | materials patterned paper (Creative Imaginations, Imagination Project) + chipboard heart (Doodlebug) + border stickers (Creative Imaginations) + border punch (Fiskars) + fonts (American Typewriter, American Typewriter Condensed, Walrus Gumbo)

A Note from Rachel

I usually begin a scrapbook page with a story or a photo. But for this month’s color challenge, I decided to begin with a color scheme and see where it led me. Using the color wheel as my guide, I picked two complementary colors—orange and blue—to guide my product decisions. Sticking to a rigid color palette forced me to pay attention to patterned paper combos that I wouldn’t typically consider, which is how I stumbled upon this unconventional pair: a vibrant floral and plain ol’ graph paper. After selecting my products, I searched for a photo that would work with my color palette and illustrate a meaningful story. The photo I selected inspired me to record a few of the little moments that have made me smile during the last month—moments that would never warrant their own pages. Ultimately, starting with a color palette helped me to look at my stash, my photos, and my memories in a new light. I’d highly recommend it!

And here's a quick tip: match your journaling to a product on your page by visiting the manufacturer’s website and sampling the color from a product image. It may not be a perfect match, but it will provide a good starting place.


Every day you do something that makes me laugh out loud. In the last month, I’ve seen you:
climb into a curio and kiss yourself in the mirror
paint your face with Crystal Light powder
blow kisses like pageant royalty while riding your car
throw your arms in the air and yell “yeah!” over and over during a drive home from grandma’s
turn an empty bookshelf into a cozy reading nook
nibble raw corn-on-the-cob as fast as Daddy husked it
stuff every shoe in the entryway into a small box
taste test bubbles from your bubble machine
run off with an entire box of ice cream sandwiches
and eat one while it was still in the wrapper
You are such a funny little girl.