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Road Trip | Carolyn Jolley

Road Trip | Carolyn Jolley


Dave takes road trips all of the time. He considers them necessary, not frivolous no matter what the price of gasoline happens to be. The desert is his favorite place to go.

Carolyn - Dave, why do you take road trips?
Dave - To escape from the everyday routine; to find self-expression in other places and people. Because the road is before me, it's there to explore, so I go.

Carolyn - What do you find so fascinating about the desert?
Dave - So little life is able to grow. There are plants and animals there that adapt and handle a harsh climate - they're almost alien. There's something magical about the landscape - its colors of rust and gold, and the sand against the foreboding mountains. When it rains, you're given a glimpse of what paradise used to look like. Flowers bloom, if only for a little while. Solitude. One can feel closer to God there. Some people feel closer to God on a mountaintop or by the ocean. I feel closer to God in the desert.