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This Is The Boy | Cheryl Overton

This Is The Boy | Cheryl Overton

materials letter stickers (KI Memories) + heart punch (Stampin' Up!) + brads (Doodlebug) + font (Century Gothic)


This is the boy...who is currently almost 9 years old and lying on the floor in a full on tantrum. This new and unwelcome behaviour started a couple of weeks ago and we can only pray that it will be a short-lived one. This morning on the way out the door to school a bunch of tattered looking homework was noticeably hanging out of his backpack. Homework, that when asked about last night, did not exist. Upon questioning the child burst into tears, stamped his foot and accused his mother of never listening and when asked to get in the car as it was time to go to school crossed his arms and stated adamantly, “I am NOT going.”

Having tried other methods to deal with this defiance over the past couple of weeks, the mother in question sat in the car for a full minute waiting and when boy did not materialize, drove other boy to school so he would not be late. When the mother arrived back home the boy was in a puddle on the mudroom floor, sobbing. He yelled “you scared me!”, to which the mother replied, “I waited for you, and your brother was not going to be late because you’re having a tantrum.” The boy then demanded to be driven to school immediately. The mother reminded the child that she had already driven to school that morning and, unfortunately for him, he would now have to wait until she was ready to go back out. The boy threw himself around a bit more and upped the caterwauling significantly. The mother told the boy when he was finished he could pick up the cushions he threw on the floor, finish his homework and maybe by the time he was done she would be ready to drive him to school. Thirty-odd more minutes of thrashing and pleading to the Gods to send him a more loving, compassionate mother passed and the boy finally did what was asked of him. At that that point the mother and son sat together, had a cuddle and talked about what a waste of time throwing a tantrum is...especially if you are a boy who has a mean mom who won’t put up with it. Mostly because she loves him very much.

A Note From Cheryl

This layout is kind of what scrapbooking means to me—those little slice of life moments that you want to remember, but that if you didn't document, would probably get lost over time.