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I Am an Oxymoron | Angie Lucas

I Am an Oxymoron | Angie Lucas

12 x 12 | materials patterned paper, mini letter stickers (Making Memories) + felt shapes (Fancy Pants) + letter stickers (Scenic Route) + twill

Click here for original inspiration by kismet art!

A Note from Angie

I loved Kismet Art's off-center design, and how she gathered everything (photo, journaling, title, and decorative elements) into a unified block. Taking strong cues from her design, I created a surprisingly quick page documenting something my 15-year-old said out of the blue recently. I don't usually start a page by choosing the design scheme first—in fact, I almost never do this—but this was a fun change for me. I studied Kismet Art's page, and then thought, "I need a horizontal photo and a fair amount of journaling to fit this design." I let that thought tumble around in my head for a couple of days, and then when Jeremy said, "I am an oxymoron" and elaborated on that point, I realized it was the perfect thing to preserve on a scrapbook page. (It's just SO him.) I then scoured my photo files for a recent horizontal photo of Jeremy that illustrated oxymoron-ness, and the rest is history! I had the page completed in less than 45 minutes.