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I Heart U | Erin Sweeney

I Heart U | Erin Sweeney

8.5 x 11 | materials patterned paper (Basic Grey) + stickers (Studio Calico) + letter stickers (American Crafts) + chipboard heart (Heidi Swapp) + border punch (Stampin Up) + font (Century Schoolbook)

Click here for original inspiration by scrappininAK!

A Note from Erin

Okay, so I know when you first glance at my page, then ScrappininAK's, you're going to wonder where the lift is. I know that my layout doesn't look that similar to hers, but let me tell you how much it inspired me. I'd been thinking a lot about how baby #3 was going to impact Mackenzie. When I saw her layout, it instantly made me all of the thoughts and conversations I'd had about it. I love her title, "What I mean to say is I love you." I want Mackenzie to know that even though things will be different that through it all, I love her and I always will.

When I started to work on this page, I'd planned on using more than just one heart on my page. I really like how the main background in the large heart, with the other elements fitting inside the smaller ones. But we all know layouts don't always end up how we imagine them to be, and mine ended up with only one! But, I honestly don't know when I would've gotten these thoughts down on a page without having been inspired by her layout. So thank you, ScrappininAK, for helping me get this layout done!


I have a feeling things are going to be a little bit hard for you come September, Mackenzie. As of right now, you’re my baby. You always want Mommy - whether to change your diaper or read you a book. You cuddle with me; cling to my leg; want me to kiss your boo boo and hold you when you cry. You’ve spent many a night snuggled in bed with me, burrowing in as close as possible. You are most definitely Mommy’s girl.

Soon there will be a new baby in the house. And said baby is going to require a lot of Mommy’s time. Some of the time that was spent snuggling in the chair with you might now be spent nursing your little brother or sister. Instead of coming to you in the night, I might be comforting an infant that hasn’t yet figured our night and day – meaning it might be time for you to finally sleep through the night! I don’t know that you’re going to take it all that well. And I understand. It’s going to be an adjustment for you. And me, too.

But you must know that I’ll always have time for you. I’ll always be there when you need me. I’ll never love you any less just because there’s a new baby to love, too. In fact, I’ll love you even more (if that’s even possible). I’ll still snuggle with you. I’ll still hold you and read you books and kiss your boo boos. You’ll always be my munchkin. You’ll always be my baby. I love you.