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Ballet Is . . . | Marnie Flores

Ballet Is . . . | Marnie Flores

6 x 6 | materials software (Adobe Photoshop) + paper (Creativity by Crystal, + fonts (Century Gothic, Cezanne)

A Note from Marnie
Once a year, we have parent watch week at ballet. I, of course, take entirely too many photographs. Rather than struggle for how to fit them on a page, I decided to put them in an album instead. Much easier, and much more fun! There are several more pages, but they all follow the same format. I assembled the book in order of the photos taken as the class follows the same routine each week. so now it not only shows the skills but also reminds us of how a class went. Something I am sure to forget as the years go by.
You can see the whole album here:

February Fun Fact
One year, Richard bought me pencils, pens, and cool post its for Valentine's Day. I was over the moon! The gentleman who had the next door office to mine was appalled--he couldn't believe that Richard got it so wrong. But I quickly corrected him: never before had Richard gotten it so RIGHT!