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Transformation | Kim Morgan

Transformation | Kim Morgan

4 x 4 mini album | materials mini album (Making Memories) + font (Walkway)

A Note from Kim
I created this very simple album to tell the story of how my youngest daughter, Miriam, has transformed from an extremely shy toddler to an extroverted pre-teen.

As an infant, you wouldn’t go to anyone but immediate family members. I once left you with a kind neighbor so that I could attend a concert and you screamed for her the entire time.

As a toddler, when we would visit either of your grandparents, you would hold on to my pant leg for the entire visit.

By the time you were halfway through a year of Sunshine School, you would answer questions from a teacher, but never volunteer information.

In Kindergarten, you started raising your hand in class.

You were always excited to have a check-up with Dr. Glade, but when he would ask you a question you would smile at him and then whisper the answer in my ear.

In second grade, you seceded that teasing was your favorite pastime – and your favorite tease was to frown at your teacher, Mrs. Cox.

When we moved to Arizona, you made friends at school very quickly. But when Sunday church meetings were over and your father and I would linger in the hallways visiting with adults you didn’t know, you would tug on my skirt and urge, “Mom. Let’s go!”

Now you are twelve. You are social and confident and growing more beautiful every day. Sometimes I wonder what happened to my shy little baby, but it’s been very fun watching the transformation.