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Virtual Guestbook | Marie Taylor

Virtual Guestbook | Marie Taylor

5 x 7 | materials software (Adobe Photoshop CS5) + font (Lucida Grand) + Facebook icons (internet)

A Note from Marie
A few years ago I discovered a very special guest book. It was from my mother's birth. Friends and family who visited my grandmother in the hospital and at her home after my mother was born signed the guestbook. I thought it was a wonderful treasure to have. I realized despite the fact that I didn't have many visitors after the recent birth of my son, I did have many people sign my guestbook— through emails, texts, and Facebook. I decided to create a guestbook of my family, and friends near and far. I have already realized that Facebook birthdays are fun, but now I have to say Facebook births are even better :)

February Fun Fact
My book is divided into family, Ohio friends, Pennsylvania friends, friends that live in the computer, and WCS friends.