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2014 Quiz Book | Jennifer Larson

2014 Quiz Book  | Jennifer Larson

3 x 5 | materials envelopes (Jillibean Soup) + patterned paper (Jillibean Soup) + stickers (Jillibean Soup) + die cuts (Jillibean Soup) + pens (Copic, American Crafts) + metal rings

A Note from Jenny
Maybe because this winter was so cold and I spent so much time indoors, too much of it on the computer, but I got sucked into lots of quizzes on Zimbio and Buzzfeed. I took screen shots of my results, sized them to fit these envelopes, and made them into this mini album. You can see the quizzes I took as the title for each page.

March Fun Fact
In case you want to know the results of my quizzes, they are, in order, Portland, Oregon, Hermione, the 90s, turtle on a skateboard, Jasmine, King’s Landing, a Hobbit, Brave, Katniss, Crazy Harry, Carson, Scar, Tyrion, and Princess Leia.