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I Heart Fridays | Laura O'Donnell

I Heart Fridays | Laura O'Donnell

3.5 x 2 | materials digital kit (Paislee Press Is It Friday Yet?) + fonts (Remington)

A Note from Laura
This is a digital mini book sized for viewing on my phone. The size of the full screen iPhone5 is 640 x 1136 pixels. I used this as my canvas size to make these layouts, then emailed them to myself and added a new album on my phone's Camera Roll to put them into. Since my phone is always with me I think this will be the most looked at mini book I've ever made!

A scrapbook of photos and memories from when Willie was home with me on Fridays. Just the 2 of us, running errands, getting ready for the weekend, and doing fun stuff.

March Fun Fact
My Fun Fact for February was that it was my wedding anniversary. Well, guess what? My husband and I both totally missed it! First time in 17 years this has happened. Oh well.