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25 Years of Giving Thanks | Amy Sorensen

25 Years of Giving Thanks | Amy Sorensen

6 x 8.5 | materials various patterned paper scraps (mostly Authentique) + stickers (Authentique) + font (Melanie Lane) + tabs (Silhouette)

A Note from Amy
When I took my mini book into the copy store to have the cover laminated and the binding done, the copy-store clerk looked at me a little strangely. "Wait," she said. "This is cute, but why Thanksgiving in February?"
Because I tend to procrastinate, that's why! I wanted to make this mini book back in November, but I got busy doing other stuff and never got around to putting it together. So yep, here I am, making a Thanksgiving mini for the March gallery. This is okay because it means when November rolls around again, I will be completely ready.
Here's the concept I had. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, but it's one I don't tend to take a lot of photos of. I'm not really sure why, as there are plenty of photo opportunities! I put this together for a couple of reasons:
1. It's a spot to hold my memories from the last 9 Thanksgivings, which I do have photos of. For each year, I included journaling space on the left-hand side for where we ate, what I made, and what that year's stories were.
2. It will inspire me to take some Thanksgiving photos I've been neglecting (but wanting!) to take, such pictures of the table and the turkey and the kids all together. The right hand side of each year has a 6x8 space for photos. I'll probably put together a 6x8 composite each year.
3. It's a space for yearly gratitudes. I've often wanted to have each of my family members write down something they were grateful for that year, but I didn't have a place designed to keep them. This album is the place! Each year beginning with 2013 has a 6x6 page where I'll have them write their gratitudes.
Another thing I love about this is that I made it nearly entirely from scraps. I used scraps of left over cardstock and patterned paper; the only things I bought were the embellishments and the kraft cardstock for the gratitude pages.
All of the pages except for the 2012 spread are still empty. This is because I want to doing all the writing about past Thanksgivings in November. It will help me feel more connected to the holiday then. But it's good to know I am ready!

March Fun Fact
In the past two weeks I have made five batches of lemon bread. My family can't get enough!