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Hiking Boots | Amy Sorensen

Hiking Boots | Amy Sorensen

5 x 7 | materials album (Pioneer) + alphabet stamps (Close to my Heart) + random scraps of patterned paper + black pen

A Note from Amy
Whenever we go hiking, I have a tradition of taking a photo of the whole hiking party’s hiking boots. I started this on a hike a friend, my husband, and I took one day about three months after he’d had both of his hips replaced. Seeing him outside and moving around without pain was such a momentous occasion—I wanted a group photo to celebrate, but how do you take a group photo when there isn’t a random stranger to take it for you? (Random strangers being fairly scarce in the mountains on blustery October afternoons.) The idea for a hiking-boot photo just sort of burst upon me in that moment! We lined up our feet and I took the shot. I’ve since gotten better at taking this traditional photo. I now try to include some scenery in the shot, for example, and I know which angle to use to avoid making people’s calves look strange. But it’s become an integral part of hiking.
In this album, I collected all of my hiking-boot photos. I cropped them all to 5x7 and then added the name of the place we hiked and the date, right to the photo before I had it printed. That way I just have to slip it in the album. For the journaling, I printed a bunch of 5x7 cards on khaki and kraft cardstock, and then stamped all of them with the words "who" and "details." Then I hand wrote my journaling and stuck down and stuck down a 2.5" x 3.5" photo and some small embellishment. I challenged myself to use only scraps for this album, which really was easy to do since I only had a small space for embellishments. I had 14 double-page spreads when I was finished, and room left for six more. (I think I need to buy another album!)

Most of my hiking-boot photos were vertically oriented, but a couple were horizontal. I agonized over this a little bit, trying to figure out a way to somehow crop them vertically. but then I decided it didn't matter—I could put a horizontal photo right next to my vertical journaling.

One thing I learned in this process: 5x7 albums are fairly hard to come by. None of my local scrapbook stores carry them; one of the LSS employees told me (after giving me a questioning look) that no one needs 5x7 albums because everyone puts their 5x7 photos in frames. Not me! I love the 5x7 size and use it all the time in my albums. Adding the title right to the photo helped this album come together really quickly—so quickly, in fact, it felt a little bit like cheating! But the ease of use will help me be more likely to continue adding my hiking-boot photos.