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Sushi | Kathy Martin

Sushi | Kathy Martin

12 x 12 | < b>materials patterned paper (October Afternoon) + alphabet stickers (American Crafts) + accents (Maya Road)

A Note from Kathy
Note to self, if you don’t like something the first time you try it, don’t wait 25 years to try it again!

I really like the way you are willing to try new foods and that you love fish and seafood, Christopher! You wanted to try sushi so Dad and I found a place and now you have us all eating it! I shouldn’t have waited 25 years to give sushi another shot. Mizu is close to home, delicious and has a train running around delivering sushi. What could be better?

January Fun Fact
Surprisingly, even the hubs, who doesn’t like cooked fish and seafood, likes sushi! Go figure?!?!