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Memories Shimmer | Amy Sorenson

Memories Shimmer | Amy Sorenson

12 x 12 | materials patterned paper (Basic Grey, Echo Park, My Mind's Eye) + alphabet stickers (Studio Calico) + alphabet stamps (Studio Calico) + stamping ink (ColorBox) + fonts (KG Ways to Say Goodbye, LD Remington Portable)

A Note from Amy
The idea for this layout's journaling came from a conversation I had with my mom last month, when I was feeling anxious about my Christmas-making efforts. By reminding me that it would all turn out OK, she helped me put things back into perspective and calmed my nerves. I hope I can do the same sort of things for my kids as they turn into adults---but now it's written down just in case!

This is a note to you. In twenty years (or so!) you’ll be where I am. Making Christmas magic for people you’ll love more than you can imagine right now. And you’ll have moments of panic all throughout December when you think is it enough? or what if they’re disappointed? or am I choosing the right things? And there might be doubtful voices pointing out the things you planned but didn't manage to get done. Not just presents, but activities and little quiet moments and sugar cookies. When those doubts and anxieties start to flare up I hope you’ll also know what is easy to forget: they will only see what you do, so the things you planned but didn't get to will be invisible losses. And they will love what they receive. And the thing you planned on being the biggest & best surprise sometimes won’t be——and then there’ll be something else that you thought was just medium on the excitement-meter but will be the perfect thing. And that despite all the planning and bustling and the shopping and the wrapping——despite all the work you’ll do as Santa Claus——the real magic doesn't come from you anyway. It comes...well, it comes from where ever it is that December magic comes from. The place of scent and warmth and color and sparkle and spirit, from your home & heart & the other unnameable thing, so none of the anxiety will be worth the adrenaline. You just do your best and let the rest work itself out.(and so this is also a note to me.)

January Fun Fact
Last January was fairly pathetic, snow-wise, around here. I am SO hoping for lots of snow this year!