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Note to Self | Jennifer Larson

Note to Self | Jennifer Larson

12 x 12 | materials patterned paper (Echo Park, Basic Grey, Studio Calico, October Afternoon) + cardstock (Stampin’ Up!, Bazzill) + embellishments (Studio Calico, Basic Grey, Pink Paislee, Queen & Company) + stickers (Basic Grey, Jenni Bowlin, October Afternoon) + punches (EK Successs) + sandpaper (Basic Grey) + floss (DMC) + templates (Bazzill, Stampin’ Up!)

A Note from Jennifer
My mother recently gave me a box filled with photos of myself as a child. I scanned them, so now when I want to do a layout about my childhood, I edit and print one of those photos to use. Here I reflect more on my life since my childhood, reflecting on some of my insecurities when I was a child as well as some of the things I wish I’d done differently or known when I was younger.

Hello, me, so many years ago. I have some advice for you:

Don’t worry about your hair. You cannot style it, so don’t try to perm or feather it. Your hair just won’t do that. And even though your mother loves the Dorothy Hamill haircut on you, please convince her to let you grow it long as soon as you can. It looks best that way, even though your hair’s thin.

You do not have a good sense of fashion, so don’t waste time or money on clothes shopping. Especially for fancy underwear. Seriously.

Resist the urge to collect doo-dads and knick-knacks. Your wallet and future husband will thank you.

Be OK with how you look. Everyone goes through awkward phases, and your grown-up face is fine.

Amazingly, being a mother to boys suits you. Your early Star Wars fandom and love of tree climbing will pay off.

Music will play a special role in your life and friendship for years.

Your metabolism will slow down after college, so cool it on fast food and sugar pop. And pick up running. Your knees can handle it.

You will never be an extrovert, but you will learn to fake it pretty well by being a teacher.

Speaking of teaching, your first years of teaching, something terrible will happen in places called West Paducah and Jonesboro. This terrible thing will unfortunately be a part of your teaching career and will recur. Be strong for your students, and show them that you care for them. They need it.

You will learn that rescue dogs and cats make great pets.

Someday you will get a tattoo. Prepare to break the news to your dad. He will not recover.

Finally, your life will be a wonderful journey, and you will meet many people along the way. Be grateful for their influence, and find joy in every moment you can.

January Fun Fact
I love the month of January, even though it’s super cold here in Minnesota. It’s my birthday month!