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Wollongong | Jody Dent-Pruks

Wollongong | Jody Dent-Pruks

12 x 18 (12 x 12 plus 6 x 12) | materials patterned paper (Kaiser Craft) + fonts (American Typewriter, Light & Cambria)

A Note from Jody

So this month's assignment saw me play tourist in my own back yard! The only problem was too many photos!! The solution…1 ½ pages. Why not use one of those 6” x 12” pages that have been staring at me from my stash? It turned out to be the perfect solution.

By using smaller size photos I was able to use more images and so that satisfied my desire to use a lot of the photos that I had taken. I know there is so much more that I could have included but the photos I have used have painted just the right picture of my hometown.

And once again I have kept it very simple; with so much going on in the photos, I really needed to tone down the patterned paper and embellishments and let the photos be the star.


I have lived in Wollongong just about all my life. I lived in Wagga Wagga for 2 years as a baby, and I lived & travelled in Europe for a few years in the 80’s. The rest of my 47 years has been happily spent in Wollongong.
We have the best of all worlds here, living in the escarpment and always no more than 5 minutes to the beach. We have a wonderful working harbour, clean beaches, art galleries, theatres, plenty of shopping, beautiful rainforests, and we are only an hour from Sydney.
Sometimes I take all this natural beauty for granted, and then I travel and am once again reminded of how special my hometown is. July 2010

July Fun Fact

After hand cutting 200 green and gold flags to make “go the Socceroos” bunting, I really, really need the Aussies to do well at the World Cup in Africa!!
Aussie, Aussie, Aussie…oi, oi, oi !