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Stow, Ohio | Elizabeth Dillow

Stow, Ohio | Elizabeth Dillow

8.5 x 11 digital | materials digital paper, elements (Paislee Press and Queen of Quirk "You Are Here" kit for + fonts (Susie's Hand, Helvetica Neue Light, DingMaps)

A Note from Elizabeth

I never know what to tell people when I'm asked what my hometown is; I grew up in Stow, but I haven't lived a complete year there since 1990. My first hometown as a grownup was Great Falls, Montana where I lived for five years right out of college; but I'm not really from there, either. I currently live in Cheyenne, Wyoming, but that's not really it either. Who knew it would be such a tricky question to answer? : )

p.s. A name has been shaded out to protect the guilty of a mostly innocent crime...

p.p.s. I made this page in Pages, Apple's word processing/graphic design program, just to see if I could do it. {whispering} I'm kind of a Photoshop Elements rebel.


Maddie’s spring break assignment from Ms. Hand was to document our spring break trip to visit Ohio; it was so much fun to take her to Echo Hills and show her where I went to elementary school and tell her stories of a hometown that we do not share: the old site of Workman HS, how Mrs.— used to sneak out in the winter to put a scarf and hat on the old Doughboy statue that is such a distinct memory of my childhood, how Isaly’s used to stand on the corner, the comfortable familiarity of the road names of my childhood: Darrow, Graham, Stow, Kent. It was sad in some ways because we won’t share those same growing-up-in-Stow experiences; I have no idea what she’ll consider her hometown one day with her transient existence as an Air Force Brat. On this day, she was only a tourist in her mama’s hometown. —all photos by Madeline Dillow

July Fun Fact

July is the month so many of our family and friends have been waiting for: the month where the Dillow Family dresses like cowboys/cowgirls for Cheyenne Frontier Days. Wish us luck!