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Rye | Vivian Masket

Rye | Vivian Masket

12 X 12 | materials patterned paper, stickers (October Afternoon) + letter stickers, pen (American Crafts) + punch (Fiskars)

A Note from Vivian

Creating this layout made me realize that I should photograph the places that are a part of my kids’ childhood routine. I don’t have photos of those kinds of things from my childhood (favorite restaurants, schools I attended, the store I worked as a teenager, etc.) and many of those places are now gone.


Growing up, I never truly appreciated the beauty and the idyll of my hometown – it was just where I lived. I grew up in a neighborhood full of kids and leafy trees, where long summer evenings turned into impromptu games of baseball and kick the can. Winters were spent sledding down the gentle slope of our front yard – or someone else’s front year – and making tunnels and snow forts in the big piles of plowed snow near the edges of driveways. With the beach a short walk down the street, I grew up splashing in the ocean and combing through tidepools for snails, crabs, and the elusive starfish. Hot summer afternoons spent playing tennis at Abenaqui Country Club were followed by evenings eating seafood somewhere like the Harbormaster and then waiting in line for an ice cream cone at Lago’s Lone Oak. I’m so glad my parents still live in the area so that I can visit Rye.

July Fun Fact

My favorite ice cream is black raspberry, in a sugar cone, with chocolate jimmies (New England-ese for sprinkles).