> Outside (October 2015)

Night Sky</br><span style="font-size: 8pt;">by</span> Marnie

Night Sky
by Marnie

12 x 12 | materials cards (Heidi Swapp, September Skies) + fonts (Hello Beautiful, Jasmine Reminiscentse)

A Note from Marnie
I don't know what it is about pink sunsets... I added the pink card to draw the attention to the pink in the photo. It was the reason I took it after all. ☺

October Fun Fact
Last year, the Halloween decorations came out the day before Halloween. It was a rough month and my decorating duties slid down to the bottom of the list. My girls asked if this year, we could do better. And we have. The house is already filled with black cats, owls, and pumpkins. It feels good to be back to normal.