> Outside (October 2015)

Part of the Gang</br><span style="font-size: 8pt;">by</span> Amy

Part of the Gang
by Amy

12 x 12 | materials patterned paper (Elle's Studio) + alphabet stickers (American Crafts) + heart and word tags (Elle's Studio) + word stickers (Simple Stories) + Rather Loud and TT Chocolates fonts

A Note from Amy
This photo is a little soft (it was starting to get dark) but I love it so much I don't care! I added the text right onto the photo in Photoshop and then printed it as an 8x12. Such a fast way to make a layout.

Jake got one for Christmas a couple of years ago. Nathan saved up and bought his last summer. Kaleb’s been dying to get one—to have his very own skateboard. Sometimes his brothers will let him use theirs, but it’s just not the same. I wasn’t sure though. They seemed like the domain of teenagers. But one day I watched him board down the street on this crappy little beat-up old board he and Lucas found somewhere, and I realized he is totally old enough for a skateboard. So that’s what we bought him for his eighth birthday. Watching him skate tonight with Jake and Nathan, I saw that it wasn’t just the board itself that he wanted. He also wanted to do what his big brothers do. All sorts of happiness are bound up in his brand new electric-blue skateboard.

October Fun Fact
October is my favorite month! Hopefully I will celebrate it by going on plenty of hikes. Autumn hikes are the best.