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7 | Ann Costen

7 | Ann Costen

12 x 12 | materials software (Adobe) + digital kits (BasicGrey, Echo Park) + fonts (Travelling Typewriter)

A Note from Ann
This month, my baby turned seven! It’s always bittersweet for me whenever my kids have a birthday so I wanted to document how she is at this moment in time. I love colours so when I saw this palette on Pinterest, I knew right away that I had to use it on a layout. I picked several papers and elements that matched the palette and digitally recolored other items that I liked but didn't match.

August Fun Fact
I love to read fiction but I can’t stand to wait until the end of the book to find out the ending. Usually, I read books in this order: beginning, end, middle. I find that knowing the ending helps me catch more details as I’m reading through the book!