> Palette-able (September2013)

Hug | Jina Jean
Sleeping Beauty | Christine Newman
Cherish This Moment | Cristina C. Scrap
7 | Ann Costen
Dave’s Summer Vacation 2013 | Aliza Deutsch
Favorite Moment | Celeste Smith
Goodbye Summer...Hello School | Carey Bridges
Life is More Fun at the Beach | Diane Payne
So Tasty | Francine Clouden
Larson Boys | Jennifer Larson
Same Games, New Generation | Sarah Pendergrast
Wherever We Are Together| WaiSam Ho
Whistle While You Work | Valerie O'Neall
Sweetness | Monika Głód
Harbor Springs | Sue Althouse
Such a Great Day | Stephanie Bryan
Sun and Surf | Laura O'Donnell
Tea Time | Amy Kingsford
Love List | Lisa Ottosson
Woody's Smoke Shack | Kate Christensen
Like It | Melanie Blackburn
Love at Home | Kelly Jeppson
The Story of She | Christa Paustenbaugh
BFF | Marnie Flores